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Corporations, Partnerships, and Business

One of the primary purposes for incorporation is to protect your personal assets against the risk of doing business. Our attorneys can advise on appropriate entity structure, given the specific objectives including equity and tax considerations. We can provide entity formation as well as scheduled annual corporate maintenance. Our experienced attorneys provide practical real-world general business advice, and quick answers to questions that arise.


It is critical to have clear written understandings with partners and co-owners. We can help identify issues and recommend resolutions between partners, for smooth dealings. What will happen if one of you becomes incapacitated or dies? Will it be acceptable to be partners with your partner’s heirs? Where our clients have business dealings with a family member, or with people with whom they may live, share a business, real property, or intellectual property, we can help implement clear contracts for protection against the “what-ifs”.


We have been especially effective in working with partners and families to lead and facilitate re-structures that are win-win and minimize the acrimony and drama. We can help make the process of dealing with money with a close friend or relative much less confrontational and much more comfortable.


Examples of our work in corporations, partnerships and business entities, include:


  • Limited Partnership Agreements

  • Limited Liability Company Formation

  • Corporate Formation and Maintenance

  • General Partnership Agreements

  • Limited Partnership Agreements

  • Operating Agreements

  • Shareholder’s Agreements

  • Loan Documents and Lender Opinion Letters

  • Licenses

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