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Real Estate & Business Transactions

We represent property management companies, syndicators, developers, and other entrepreneurs, in a myriad of business matters including negotiation and drafting of contracts, partnership and shareholder agreements, private placements, opinion letters, commercial and residential lease forms and leases, landlord/tenant and other issues involving operation of businesses and residential multi-family and commercial properties.


We know real estate and business transactions can’t wait. Call us when you need a quick answer, an agreement or a whole transaction documented. We get it done now, quickly and right. We have checklists to make it easy, and we explain things, and write our documents, in simple plain English as much as we can.


Our clients trust us to know and understand their business and real estate holdings, estate planning and family situations, and to help make integrated decisions, all things considered. The best litigation prevention is sound overall forethought by one of our experienced and practical attorneys who has the whole picture in mind, and who can prepare simple, clear documentation that spells out agreements for the likely “what-if” eventualities.


We help prevent litigation when we help our clients to assess situations in advance and to make better decisions. We can help with quick research or background investigations. We can help get more information to understand the other side’s motivations in a deal. We can help our clients look for the blind spots. We can help where our clients have business dealings with a family member, or with people with whom they may live, share a business, real property, or intellectual property. Clear contracts are a caring act for mutual protection, not a sign of distrust or disrespect in any way. We can help make the process of contracting with a close friend or relative non-confrontational and much more comfortable.

Our experienced attorneys can help with all your documentation, including:

  • Purchase and Sales Transactions

  • Limited Partnership Agreements

  • Partnership Joint Venture Agreements

  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements

  • Co-Ownership Agreements

  • Loan Documents and Lender Opinion Letters

  • Deeds and Easements

  • Leases

  • Licenses

  • Mechanics’ Lien Rights

  • Construction Contract

  • Estoppel, Subordination and Non-Disturbance


Our attorneys have experience in negotiating, litigating and settling real estate disputes including purchase and sale, specific performance, property boundaries, noise and nuisance, title, homeowner association and CC&R issues, earth movement (landslide), diminution in value, breach of leases and other landlord/tenant matters including retaliatory eviction, partnership and shareholder disputes, contractual disputes, contractor problems, mechanics liens and construction defects, bad faith breach of contract (covenant of good faith and fair dealing), fraud, fraudulent conveyance, lender liability and breach of fiduciary duty.

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