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Effective litigation strategy begins with a thorough vetting of client objectives, measured against practicalities, before formulating an overall start-to-finish strategy. We customize strategy in each case to maximize cost effective results. We are clear with our clients as to our plan of action and the estimated expense, and the reactions we anticipate at each stage. Our clients commend our planning and execution, and the high level of accuracy in our prediction, and our production, of outcome and results.


We prepare the case early, investigating and gathering all facts and documents at the outset so that we can present your case with maximum credibility and confidence. Equally important, we find whatever unfavorable facts or documents exist so that you can assess whether to shift the strategy to early settlement before incurring significant litigation expense.


Our experience in litigation is extensive, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in many types of cases in state, federal and bankruptcy courts, appellate courts, arbitration, and administrative agencies. Areas we have litigated include:



  • Creditor’s Rights

  • Business and Commercial Disputes

  • Partnership and Shareholder Complications

  • Real Estate Disputes

  • Insurance Disputes

  • Indemnification Issues

  • Employment Disputes

  • Writs/Receivers and Injunctions

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